We DM Electronics offers a Comprehensive Battery Products.

AMAZE Power Products

Amaze is a product of Long last Power Products Limited, which is a subsidiary of one of the leading battery manufacturers in India. The company aims to provide high performance and high quality power back up products to its customers.

We are the Authorised Distributors of AMAZE Power Products in Hosur / Bangalore.


“ORIENT” Tubular Batteries

It is used for Solar / UPS / Inverter ApplicationsORIENT range of Tubular Batteries is manufactured in state of the art facilities under stringent quality control and conform to BIS Standards.

ORIENT brand caters to Solar/UPS/Inverter Segment and confirm to the flooded type. Capacities available from 12V 40AH to 12V 200AH.

ORIENT o n line UPS there are available single phase to single phase, three phase to single phase & Three phase to three phase form 5KVA to 50 KVA.

We D M Electronics also catere to the demand of organization requiring batteries such as Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride, Lithium Ion Battery packs and lithium iron Phosphate (Life Po4) battery packs. Solar Streetlight and UPS.

We are the Authorised Distributors of “ORIENT” Tubular Batteries in Hosur / Bangalore.

Luminous Power Products

Luminous power technologies (p) ltd today is a leading company with differentiated port polio of solutions for packaged power, diversified generation, electrical control sofety and energy Optimization.

Tubular Batteries are available In the market in a wide range of capacities from 12V 40AH to 12v 220AH. Since we have UPS from 675VA to 10KVA.

Authorised Distributors of Luminous Power Products in Hosur / Bangalore.

Numeric UPS / Battery Solutions

Industries are connected into a global supply chain and borderless markets. Similarly homes have become entertainment and social hubs. All of which demand seamless quality power ranging from 6kVA to 21 MV. The products are available across Line Interactive, Single Phase and Three Phase for industrial, commercial and residential needs and customizable at every scale. We are Authorised Distributors of Numeric Power Products in Hosur / Bangalore.

“BB” SMF Batteries

“BB” Battery distinguishes for their long storage life with minimum self discharge and exceptional back-up performance. BB Batteries are internationally proven power backup products.

BB offers different types of batteries suited to various applications in this ever advancing age of technology and quality excellence.

A wide range of capacities from 6v 1.2ah to 12v 230ah have flooded the market to capture the attentions of customers


We are Authorised Distributors of SMF Batteries like BB – Batteries, Amaron Quanta, Exide Batteries – Sales and Service Exclusively at Hosur & Bangalore.